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Banquet Guidelines: Please Read

Final Count: A final count must be provided at least ten days prior to the event. You will be charge for this number of people, regardless of how many show.

Tax and Service Fee: All banquet sales are subject to the 6% Pennsylvania sales tax, and a 20% service fee.

Buffet Food: We will replenish the buffet as needed to serve your guests who desire more than one helping. And that is the purpose for having a buffet; everyone likes the option of seconds. Buffets are treated as all you can eat here; leftovers ARE NOT taken home by guests.

Deposit: A deposit is required to secure your date. For a wedding or reunion, a $300 deposit is required. For all other events, a $100 deposit is required. The deposit will be credited to the total bill on the day of the event. If your event is cancelled more than ninety days before the scheduled date, a full refund of your deposit will be issued.

Room Reservations: Cutillo’s reserves the right to move banquets to a different room in order to best accommodate our guests, especially if the number of guests significantly changes. The length of time a room may be used free of charge is as follows: two hours for a cocktail party, three hours for luncheon or memorial, and four hours for a dinner party. A surcharge may be added if the event exceeds the time allotment. Corporate meetings utilizing the room for more than the allotted time will be charged a room fee of $125.00 per hour for the additional time.

Decoration: Decorating our banquet rooms is permitted as long as the following guidelines are followed, and the decoration of the room does not interfere with other events. Glitter, glue, tacking, and confetti are not allowed. Masking tape may be used on painted surfaces. Packing tape, scotch tape, and duct tape are forbidden. Please refrain from attaching decoration to mirrors or wallpaper. Nothing may be hung from ceilings or fans.

Games: Games are allowed. However, the use of markers, glitter, glue, and confetti are prohibited. Please bring pencils for games that require writing.

Young Children: We love children and welcome them at our restaurant. However, we also care about their safety, as well as the safety and comfort of all of our guests. Therefore, we ask that parents of young children observe the following guidelines. Keep your children in view, in the room, and out of harms way. Escort your child to the restroom. Do not allow your child to run anywhere on restaurant grounds. Please keep your child from being noisy or naughty, and make sure that they are not behaving in a way that would offend other guests.

Damage to the Room: In the event that failure to adhere to guidelines, or negligent behavior of guests results in damage to the room or adjacent spaces, a minimum fee of $250 will be added to the bill.

Alcohol and Food: Under PA food and liquor laws, we cannot allow our guests to bring in any outside food, wine, beer, or alcohol into this establishment. Specially ordered cakes must be delivered to the kitchen prior to the start of the event.